Death by Trivia - Game Presentation for Online or Live Events (Teens/Adults) (In Stock 7/25!)

Death by Trivia - Game Presentation for Online or Live Events (Teens/Adults) (In Stock 7/25!)

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This product will release July 25th, 2020!

Need an event to run virtually for adults/teens at your library, school, office, or other group?  Enjoy trivia showdowns, murder mysteries, and mental exercises?  Vertigo Trivia presents Death by Trivia: A Murder Mystery - and it might be just what you're looking for!

Your group shows up to a mysterious dinner party not knowing that along with craft cocktails and delectable hors d'oeuvres, a sudden murder will be on the menu.  Work remotely as a large group to untangle the web of trivia mysteries and figure out who the killer is...or fall victim if time runs out!

What you'll get with purchase:

  • The Death By Trivia full presentation, compatible with Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint, as a digital download (.ppt file).  It will instantly be available for download as soon as you complete your purchase.
  • The rights to hold the presentation at one address unlimited times.
  • The rights for any staff members at the one address to prepare/play at home with the file.
  • There is a full game, but if you choose to make questions easier or harder, there are many elements that can be customized.  You could use the template for countless other events!
  • A step-by-step guide to hosting a fun, mystery themed trivia adventure!
  • Part one is the how-to-run guide, followed by the show you share online or project on a wall for a live event.
  • This game was designed with social distancing in mind, and can easily be played virtually.

About the game:

  • The game prompts players to try and solve the murder mystery by answering trivia questions and completing escape-room style puzzles.
  • Evidence learned at each stop will lead to a fun conclusion.  
  • Facilitator will have the answers to advance the group as they succeed.  There will also be suggested clues to help groups along if they need the assistance!
  • Depending on the crowd, the game will take 30-60 minutes to play, and comes with the flexibility to add your own questions if you need a longer event.
  • Your attendees will simply need a writing utensil and one piece of paper to play.  That's it!
  • This game is for adults/teen players.
  • Best if played with 5-15 people.  Remember, this challenge can be offered unlimited times - one purchase, countless events covered!
  • As this is a digital product, there are no returns offered.

About the Author:

  • Daniel Barbour has written and hosted over 300 trivia shows, has worked in libraries for over twenty years (eleven years as a full-time Young Adult Librarian), and appeared on the second season of the ABC network reality show I Survived a Japanese Game Show.  As COVID-19 brought the trivia gig portion of his career to a screeching halt, and the demand for virtual programming arose, online trivia games were born!